And the archive lives on…

header-bg1d Welcome one and all.

This blog is an archive of all the blog posts from the now closed EVE Online blog, The Wandering Druid of Tranquility.

Why an archive you may ask?  Well, I retired from EVE Online in July of 2011 and since that time, I’ve been pinged from many people wanting to see the old posts.  Unfortunately, in a fit of “bittervet” rage, I simply deleted everything save for the fan fiction The Bleeding Rose.

Almost a year later, I’ve come to understand that wiping everything out may have been a mistake.  So, after much digging through old data backups, I have been able to put all the posts back together, mainly the text.  I no longer have the images for the various posts and I must admit, many of the links to personal killboards no longer work, but the meat of the content is here for everyone to enjoy.

P.S., no, I am not coming back to EVE Online, however, World of Darkness is a possibility for me and the missus.  😛

P.P.S., Well this is long overdue but World of Darkness is dead as it never got off the ground.  😦

~ by JRC on June 15, 2012.

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