Suicide roam

So, what’s a suicide roam?  It’s when you fit out t1 ships, go out on a roam and have lolz fun.  You engage in fights that you know you will loose.

So, where do you go?  Old Man Star and the surrounding systems.  Why?  Because, if you want to die, that’s where you go.

So, we roam around around a bit, catch a ship or two, then run into gate camps.  We loose one of our gang, but avenge him later.  Vengance is sweet.

We make it as far as Tama and decide to call it a night.  I decide to head back to Old Man Star so that I can get home.  As I jump into Old Man Star, a fleet drops out of warp on the gate.  Well, it’s a suicide roam, so, what the hell.  I uncloak and close in on the gate.  Needless to say, it was over fast, my Arbitrator dies quickly under the onslaught, pretty blue pop.

My pod makes it out safe and sound, with a friendly hello exchange in local.  To all those guys in that fleet, /emote waves!!

Until the next roam, take care, fly safe-ish!!!


~ by J. Riley Castine on October 18, 2008.

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