Fail Mail Friday for 1 July 2011

Welcome to the our next installment of Fail Mail Friday. This is where we showcase a kill mail that we pirates would call a “failure”.

This one comes to us from Zarrika Khan. Here is the link to the kill mail and below is a copy of the fitting that you can use with EFT.

[Megathron Navy Issue, Jeyson Vicious’s Megathron Navy Issue]
F-AQ Delay-Line Scan Tracking Subroutines
Warp Core Stabilizer I
Warp Core Stabilizer I
100mm Reinforced Rolled Tungsten Plates I
Local Hull Conversion Inertial Stabilizers I
Nanofiber Internal Structure II
Overdrive Injector System II

Stasis Webifier I
Sensor Booster I
Analyzer I
Codebreaker I

Cu Vapor Particle Bore Stream I
125mm ‘Scout’ I Accelerator Cannon,Iridium Charge S
125mm Prototype I Gauss Gun,Guristas Plutonium Charge S
250mm Railgun I,Caldari Navy Antimatter Charge M
Core Probe Launcher I,Core Scanner Probe I
‘Arbalest’ Assault Missile Launcher,Bloodclaw Light Missile
Heavy Assault Missile Launcher I,Caldari Navy Torrent Assault Missile
Salvager I

Large Gravity Capacitor Upgrade I

Acolyte I x1
Hornet I x1
Ogre I x1
Ogre I x1
Warrior I x1

We have here a Megathron Navy Issue, yet another wonderful variation of the Gallente Megathron battleship hull. This one, well, I am guessing it was fit for mission running as that’s where it was killed. Yet again, we have a classic example of the concept of a jack of all trades fit. Such fits do not last. People, please, stop doing this. Seriously, I am having to spend more and more time in the hospital receiving blood transfusions, my eyes can’t take much more of this.

So, congratulations to Zarrika Khan for our Fail Mail Friday submission. As being the selected for this week’s fail mail, Zarrika Khan will receive a whopping 7, 600 isk for one of the Warp Core Stabilizer I modules that was fitted on this mail.

Have a fail mail that you would like to submit? You can send me an in game email to Ga’len with Fail Mail in the subject line, the fail mail killboard link and why you feel your submission is worthy of being a fail mail. You can also contact me on Twitter @Galen_Druid or send me an old fashioned email to and again, use Fail Mail in the subject line and in the message the fail mail killboard link, your in game name for the ISK prize and why you feel your submission is worthy of being a fail mail.

Until next time, have fun and see you out there!

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~ by JRC on July 1, 2011.

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