Fail Mail Friday for 22 April 2011


Welcome to the our next installment of Fail Mail Friday. This is where we showcase a kill mail that we pirates would call a “failure”.

This one comes to us from Zeva Ijanas. Here is the link to the kill mail and below is a copy of the fitting that you can use with EFT.

[Brutix, Romull Prime’s Brutix]
Medium Automated I Carapace Restoration
N-Type Kinetic Hardener I
N-Type Kinetic Hardener I
N-Type Thermic Hardener I
N-Type Thermic Hardener I

Y-S8 Hydrocarbon I Afterburners
Medium Capacitor Battery I
Medium Capacitor Battery I
Patterned Stasis Web I

[empty high slot]

[empty rig slot]

He we have a Brutix, a very useful battlecruiser. As we look at this fitting, we see a single tank being deployed in the low slots. It’s an interesting armor tank, but not all unpleasant. The mid slots, we have a propulsion mod of the correct type and a web, not that bad. The cap rechargers are not always a good choice, however, this could be a mission ship. Next we have the high slots….ahem, I said, next we have the high slots, you know, the high slots……


Apparently, we have high slots….with no modules…yeah…uhm…well….WHAT THE FRAK?

So, congratulations to Zeva Ijanas for our Fail Mail Friday submission. As being the selected for this week’s fail mail, Zeva Ijanas will receive a whopping 170, 000 isk for one of the N-Type Kinetic Hardener I modules that was fitted on this mail.

Have a fail mail that you would like to submit? You can send me an in game email to Ga’len with Fail Mail in the subject line. You can also contact me on Twitter @Galen_Druid or send me an old fashioned email to and again, use Fail Mail in the subject line.

Until next time, have fun and see you out there!

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~ by J. Riley Castine on April 22, 2011.

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