Fail Mail Friday for 8 April 2011

Welcome to the our next installment of Fail Mail Friday. This is where we showcase a kill mail that we pirates would call a “failure”.

This one comes to us from yours truly. Here is the link to the kill mail and below is a copy of the fitting that you can use with EFT.

[Badger Mark II, Michael Ardneh’s Badger Mark II]
Inertia Stabilizers I
Expanded Cargohold I
Expanded Cargohold II

10MN Afterburner I
10MN Afterburner I

[empty high slot]

[empty rig slot]

Normally one does not go into combat in a hauler, however they can be an interesting kind of fun. This week’s mail however is not a combat hauler. In fact, as haulers go, this one is fine except for one major flaw. Please understand that there is nothing wrong with dual propulsion mods for some ships, but usually one fits an afterburner and a micro warp drive, not two after burners, as you can only operate one afterburner at a time.

Since this is a self submission for this week, I won’t give myself the prize, but rather the owner of this loss mail. Since this is a bit unusual, I’ll even change the payout to cover the whole ship loss.

So, congratulations to Michael Ardneh as this week’s Fail Mail Friday and I hope you enjoy the 1, 258, 705 isk!

Have a fail mail that you would like to submit? You can send me an in game email to Ga’len with Fail Mail in the subject line. You can also contact me on Twitter @Galen_Druid or send me an old fashioned email to and again, use Fail Mail in the subject line.

Until next time, have fun and see you out there!

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~ by J. Riley Castine on April 8, 2011.

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