A Voice from the Darkness Strikes Out Boldly

Hello everyone! Yup, I am back for a visit and I thought I would speak up and say hello. Thank you to everyone for all the emails in game and out of game. It really makes me feel sad that I left but it also makes me feel humble in that so many of you followed my blog over the years.

Do remember what I said in my last post, I would come back for visits. For those in my alliance, they have seen more of me over the past few days and those of you who have fallen prey to my guns in game, feel free to add to your bio, “Killed on a Wandering Druid Visit”. Perhaps I should come back and conduct a campaign to have replace the bunnies with that little bit of text, hmm…

Now I’ve received a number of requests for comments concerning the recent CSM meeting minutes and the apparent response from CCP or mainly their lack of useful response as the players see it. I am sorry, but I am not going into a discussion on this topic. Mynxee, Teadaze and the EVE forums have plenty of commentary on this topic and as I said on my personal blog, I have nothing good to say about CCP on this and thus I will not comment. So there is no confusion however, I do agree with the valid opinions voiced by the player base on CCP’s failures as of late, I do hope they will listen to their stakeholders and that’s all I will say on this matter. CCP, please give me something positive to say, you have such great potential and we are eager to love you!

More controversy? Sure, why not. Some of you were smart enough to link the name listed in the Creative Commons license for this blog with a Twitter account that made some comments concerning CK’s recent blog banter topic. Yes, it was me calling out CK’s lameness when I agreed with Casiella’s Twitter update. In a rare occurrence, I actually received the writing topic email directly from him CK than by a third party and I was yet underwhelmed and unsurprised with the lameness and obvious uber fanboi attitude of this man yet again. He really does redefine how much of a marketing ‘tool’ he really is.

If you don’t see how he seems to always try to steer public opinion in CCP’s favor when things are looking bad for CCP, you have my pity. You play EVE Online, you are all smarter than that.

I kept quiet for three years so that this community could grow and grown it has. It’s stronger than ever and he insults intelligence of all of you when he tries to control what you write about. You are all better writers than he will ever be, don’t cheapen yourself by becoming the unpaid positive marketing tools of CCP. Speak your mind but don’t blindly follow him because you want web traffic to your blog. Stand on your own merits, you will be surprised how well you do and you will realize that you don’t need him.

Don’t think so? Well, tell me, how is Hulkageddon III doing? Very well from the lastl time I checked. How’s EVEBloggers.com doing? Also, very well. What about Mandrils OPML work? Again, outstandingly well. Tweetfleet? Twittering away beautifully.

So, you don’t agree with me here? That’s fine. I don’t mind one bit. Go ahead, speak your mind on this one, but don’t respond because you are Mindless CK minion. Think about why this angers you. Is it because someone is speaking poorly about another or is it because you want to defend the person who helps you get web traffic to your blog by directing your writing topics. Be sure that you really understand your reasons for responding.


~ by J. Riley Castine on July 16, 2010.

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