CCP, what happened to your quality control?

My location was D-GTMI.  It was a major fight for sov.  I was one of the dreadnought pilots in the -A- joint fleet.  Infrastructure Hub comes out of re-enforced and I disconnect due to excessive lag.  For the next 35 minutes I try to log back in, finally get back in and my dread has 10 percent structure left.  I can’t active my armor rep and I disconnect promptly again.  I try to log back in again and currently, it’s been another 30 minutes, staring at the character selection screen, entering game as Ga’len.

So, CCP, what has happened to your quality of your game? This is what we are to expect from the “Game of the Year for 2009”?  Spending over 1 hour to log back into a node and not be able to do anything?

It’s a valid question given the continual crashes of nodes in nullsec, the forums and of course, Tranquility itself.

Ever since Dominion went live, EVE Online has had serious failures with continual node crashes and excessive lag.  The server stability has been akin to a house of cards.  Simply look at it hard and it all falls down.

Now, since Dominon patch 1.1 has gone live, these problems have increased an order of magnitude.  EVE Online used to be a quality game.  What happened?

That’s the question I am putting to the community and more importantly, CCP.  Telling us that you are having a database issue is not the answer that the community needs to hear.  Your stakeholders need to hear the details.  You do remember them right?  Everyone who plays EVE Online is a stakeholder.  You keep reminding us of that fact at each FanFest.

So, as one of your stakeholders, I am asking you CCP, what has happened at CCP that has reduced the level of quality to this abysmal level?

You are walking down the path of SOE.  You are making the same mistakes that were made with Star Wars Galaxies or at least, that is what we are seeing since you refuse to communicate in a meaningful and valid way with your player base.

Stop ignoring us, your stakeholders.  Tell us what is going on.  Tell us the details of what is broken.  We have a collective technical capiblity in our award winning community to create great solutions to problems.  Look at all the third party applications out there.  We have created some truly wonderful things that work well.  We can help, let us for crying out loud.

I am seriously rethinking my investment choices for 2010, both time and money.  Unless we start seeing some valid communication from CCP with the details of why their flagship product has fallen into this sorry state of affairs and some genuine resolution to the problems that have effectively left 0.0 game play as playable as a rock stuck in your shoe, I urge anyone considering EVE online to pay attention and really consider your choices carefully.

Am I being a bit harsh?  Perhaps I am.  The game I love to play, that I spend time writing about and spend time supporting it’s community has become shit-sauce in a failure bottle and that honestly is a disappointment of epic proportions.


~ by J. Riley Castine on January 24, 2010.

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