Another week, when will I NOT be sick?

I am still getting over this Bronchitis thing.  It sucks but it’s getting better.   There have been a items of note to highlight this week:

  • Helicity Boson wrote a very long, interesting article concerning Carebears and why he hates them.  It’s a good read as well as the community response.  Yes, if you are sensing a Google shared item for the blog posts, your right.  Read the entire collection!
  • Spectre over at EVE Newb has decided to take a break from EVE Online or perhaps it’s another one of his scams.  Anyway, it’s an entertaining read as are all the responses posted in the EVE Blogging Community.
  • After many month, we finally have the FanFest background projection videos that were looped on the screen behind the main stage.  Enjoy!
  • Dominion patch 1.1 went live on Thursday, read the patch notes if you are curious as to what changed.  There was a CCP Dev blog posted, the first one in a long time as well concerning the Dominion 1.1 patch changes. Items to note from these two articles:  Motherships are now Supercarriers, Drones can now be used to attack Zephyrs in wormhole space and most importantly,  CCP Tuxford can no longer shut down TQ on a whim.
  • Still no word on when they are going to fix the game breaking lag in 0.0 space or the server stability issues.  In fact, the stability issues have gotten worse since this most recent patch.  Around 9:30 pm est, TQ went down along with the EVE forums.  Random lag storms have been hitting systems with local counts as low as 5.  CCP seems to be having a lot of quality issues lately.

In addition to continuing to play catch up at work from being out sick.  I made time to work on on the OPML download file this week.  From time to time I go through and make sure that I have all the correct urls and that all the sites listed are still alive.  For the latest additions to the OPML download, head over to The EVE Online Portal.  As of right now, we have 503 blogs listed in the OPML file.  Yes, that’s a lot of blogs.

Below is the list of sites that were removed.  I removed them as they were either dead sites, had no content or access to the site was denied for some reason, either from a server 403 error being presented or a site blocked page from blogspot.  If your site is listed below in error, please either comment on this blog post or email me to have this corrected.

See you out there!


~ by J. Riley Castine on January 22, 2010.

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