Ars Gratis Artis…

Recently I reloaded my laptop with a brand new copy of Windows 7 Home Premium.  I’m still getting things all sorted out.  I downloaded the Windows version of GIMP for Windows and started to tinker with a PSD file I pulled from the Ushra’Khan forums of the infamous U’K Fist.

So, here’s my new forums avatar for the U’K forums:


and my new signature I’ll be using on forums in general:


I am by no means a master of graphics design, I leave that to my wife, but I do like to tinker.  The new avatar is okay, just has the U’K fist on the top left corner.  It’s not very visible as the color in the graphics don’t make it pop like it does on the forums sig.  I do admit, my forums sig is a bit bland.  I’ll have to come up with something nicer.  Perhaps a bit with the new planets graphics in it.

And the big news today.  There is a new dev blog titles Storming the Gates.  This dev blog discusses the upcoming sovereignty changes and there is of course a forums discussion thread.   The good news, the forums thread has not evolved into a ‘threadnaught’ as of yet.  The combat mechanics on how you take over a system that has sov are a bit clearer now and honestly, it should be a lot of fun.  I have been updating the SOV shared item page as well, so you can get all the latest from the EVE Blogging community on these upcoming changes.

See you out there!!


~ by J. Riley Castine on November 11, 2009.

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