EVE Player Blogs OPML Download updated

opmlicon Welcome to the latest edition of the OPML download update and it’s a big one.  We have a lot of news, so let’s get started.

I finally had the time available to go through the extensive blog listing at the EVE Bloggers Portal.  It’s a long listing and it takes a long time to confirm each and every blog on the listing is a working site.  I am sorry this has taken so long, but it’s finally done and you will see that there are a significant number of blogs that have been added to the OPML download as a result.  Unfortunately there were a significant number of blogs on that listing that were also dead links, which is why this took so long to sort through.

Management at EVE Bloggers will have that listing cleaned up soon as possible, I’ve sent off the list of dead and duplicate links to them to make things go faster.

We also have a bit of sad news.  The free service known as Tweveit, is closing down it’s blogging services, below is the official announcement that was sent to all it’s bloggers:

EVE Online Community,
Tweveit Connect has prided itself on providing its members with a quality blogging community for the time that it has been active. It is with great regret to inform you all the Tweveit Connect has closed its doors. The market for a blogging community is just not as large as we had hoped. We suggest that you turn your attention to Podlogs, which is a great blog community geared towards EVE Online. It was great to meet all of you, and to connect with each of you. We hope to continue to see you at tweveit.com, which is hiring and will continue to provide learning materials to new EVE players.
Users of TC were notified and have moved their blogs or decided to let them die. We hope you continue to support those that have moved on and show them the same support you did while they were hosted here.
The Tweveit Connect Team

So, all the blogs in the OPML that were hosted on Tweveit will remain until they are no longer responding.  If you have a blog hosted on Tweveit and you are successful in relocating your blog, please email me with your new URL and I will get you updated in the OPML download ASAP.

Counting our new additions listed below and the removal of blogs that are no longer online, we now have 411 blogs in the OPML download. Do remember, the EVE Online Blogroll Lovefest that CrazyKinux maintains (http://www.crazykinux.com/2008/04/eve-online-blogroll-lovefest.html) is a listing of blogs that are active. The OPML download has some of the defunct blogs as they are still worth reading if you never had the chance to read them, like the EVE Online 0.0 Experiment (http://00experiment.blogspot.com) and a few others.

To get your blog listed on CK’s Blogroll Lovefest, simply post a comment on the post with your blog’s information. I check his listing from time to time to add blogs to the OPML download. I also add people when I learn about a new blog. If your blog is not listed on the OPML download and you would like it listed, just drop me a line at galen@eve-druid.com and I will get you added.

Blogs that have been removed:

URL Changes:

New Additions:

So let’s welcome the new members of our EVE Blogging Community!


~ by J. Riley Castine on September 25, 2009.

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