Quilting 101, yup, it's patch time again

The latest patch for EVE comes out Thursday with an early start for downtime at 5 am GMT and is planned to end at the normal end of  downtime at 12:00 GMT.  For all the details, read the patch notes:


Things that caught my eye:

  • The agility and the scan resolution of some ship classes has been adjusted to allow them to have a better chance of locking ships of their own size before they got to warp. Full details are available here. This means that a cruiser will have a better chance of locking and warp scrambling another cruiser, this was something that was broker when Aprocphya was initially deployed.
  • If a ship cloaks, all active modules that modify attributes, such as ECM, will stop immediately and the icons showing the effect will disappear. No more using the Cloak/Align exploit, finally.
  • Cloaking a Falcon while there is a jamming cycle in progress and the jammer has been deactivated will now result in an immediate break of the jam cycle on the targeted ship. To clarify: if you start a 20 second jamming cycle on a ship, then deactivate the jamming module and cloak, the jam cycle on the target will immediately cease. No more using the uncloak – jam – cloak exploit, finally.
  • Corporation directors will no longer be spammed multiple times for the same starbase event.  They will receive one mail only. But I love receiving automated in game email spam, makes my mailbox look like Jita local ** smirk **.
  • Grouped laser turrets will now allow a single crystal to be changed out once it has become completely damaged. For example, if you have aa Apocalypse with grouped pulse lasers using Tech II Scorch crystals, with varying degrees of damage you can reload used crystals without breaking the weapon group. This issue annoyed me to no end, thank you CCP for fixing this one!!!

So, there you have some of the items in the patch.  Do follow the link at the top of this post to the full patch notes and remember to set a long skill training or put skills into your training queue!!


~ by J. Riley Castine on May 13, 2009.

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