Web techie time…

OMG.  I have been working a lot lately on websites for our corporation/alliance.  What have I been working on?  Well, let me see…

  • Sorted out our forums, add the alliance section and another section for our first member corp, the Neo Catamites.
  • Changing our killboard to an alliance killboard was removing some stats from some of our veteran pilots, so, I had to go and setup a separate alliance killboard (http://www.nspta.net/lacon) so that we could keep stats straight.
  • Sort out the API keys for the API killmail pulls for the two killboards (thank goodness we have more than one director for that issue)
  • Setup the feed syndication pulls for each killboard to update from all our sources (eve-kill, SHC Gank Night killboard, allies).
  • Update our allies of the new alliance killboard from which to pull kills.
  • Setup and sort out the various crontab jobs for the new killboard:  API Killmail pull, pricing data, feed syndication pulls, cache clearing and updating.
  • Setup an ‘alliance landing page’ so that people have a single website to go to in order to access the forums and the killboards. (http://www.nspta.net/ls).
  • Add links to the blogs for our pilots who do blog to the alliance landing page.
  • submitted an article for approval on the EVE Online wiki for the new alliance.  Hopefully by the time you read this, it will be approved and available for your viewing pleasure (http://wiki.eveonline.com/wiki/Laconian_Syndicate).
  • Updated and optimized the databases for the two killboards for the corp/alliance as well as my own personal killboard.
  • Get all the plugins on my blog and Larkonis Trassler (http://www.larkonisforcsm.com) updated.  Clean up those databases as well.

With all that, I still went to work each day, found time to take care of stuff at home (not as much as I wanted to take care of), sleep and of course, play EVE.

From the founding of the alliance to getting everything done was four days.  It was a lot of work, but it’s well worth the effort.  Please feel free to visit the sites and if you see anything that I could be doing better, please let me know.


~ by J. Riley Castine on April 26, 2009.

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