"Absolution is at hand…."

Finally.  After much waiting, it was finally ready.  Ga’len looked up and the huge, golden mass floating above him.  The newest ship to take on the name of The Bleeding Rose.  An Absolution class command ship.

The Bleeding Rose

“Ahh, she is a thing of beauty.”  Ga’len almost swoons in delight as he continues to gaze upon his new toy.  Soon, soon she will see action.

“Sir, may I speak with you a moment?”, asks the dock master.

Ga’len, still dreamy eyed from looking at his new ship, replies “Yes, what can I do for you dock master?”

“I just wanted you to know”, continues the dock master, “That we have installed all the modules you asked for and we are both under budget and ahead of schedule.  She should be ready for her first voyage by the end of the week.”

“WONDERFUL!!!  Thank you so much!!”, Ga’len happily responds.  This was wonderful news.  After much work in moving to his new base of operations, of countless days of logistical nightmares, things were looking up.  Soon, soon he would be flying into combat with a very powerful ship.  In the mean time, it was back to the bar.  It was time to relax, great days of wandering were soon to be at hand…


~ by J. Riley Castine on April 4, 2009.

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