"It's just a game you know?…"

Back in my post “HAHAHA, COME GET SOME!!”….Duke Nukem  (http://www.eve-druid.com/2009/01/26/hahaha-come-get-someduke-nukem), I briefly discussed some recent events with our former allies, The United.

Now, we worked well together, pirating around in the Rancer low sec pocket and we had a lot of fun.  Over the past year, The United had some ‘Internet Identity’ related issues.  One of their members who was running their forums and their killboard suddenly left their corporation, shutdown their forums and killboard due to a ‘misunderstand’ as Liiza Valora put it.

I hate to see that sort of thing happen, so I took it upon myself to help them out when they asked for help.  I setup a new domain on my server and setup their forums.  I also setup a new killboard for them and went about the long and ardous task of collecting all their killboard data from multiple sources and putting it into the new killboard.  Let me tell you, it was three weeks of sheer “fun”.  Since setting things up for them, I have been hosting their forums and killboard on my server for free since we were working together.

Given the recent change in standing, I made it a point to contact their leadership directly and I promised them that regardless of what was happening between the Neo Spartans and The United, they were welcome to continue to host their services for free as we had originally agreed.  I also told them that when they were ready to move their killboard, forums and control of their domain that I paid to register for them, I would be more than willing to help them.

This bring us to last night.  When I logged on my corpies told me that United was using a new killboard.  I was a bit surprised.  They had not said anything to me that they wanted their data moved or that they would no longer would want me to host a killboard for them.  I though this was a bit rude as I was not charging them for the hosting nor was I charging them for the maintenance or changes they wanted done to their killboard.

Not a word was said.  So, I went looking for answers.  Now, we are no longer friends due to actions taken by their leadership and official communication channels were no longer open.  I did attempt to talk to them in Rancer local, even tried to chat with them in their public channel.

When I asked what did they want me to do with their killboard, did they still want it up, I received a rather rude response from a member of  The United leadership and was promptly kicked from the channel.  I think I can accept that as a declaration that they no longer want me to host their killboard for them nor do they want control of their internet domain name.

I can understand the anger as our two organizations are no longer working together.  It’s only human to not want to host your killboard with your enemy as there would be a concern of trust, but I am a bit insulted as I have always been honest with them.

I had put in a lot of work for them and asked for nothing in return, only what they thouhgt was fair.  I never asked them for payment for any of the hosting I did as I was trying to help out some friends.  I had every intention of honoring our original agreement and had communicated that intention in a friendly manner and they simply slapped me in the face.

Now I wonder if that ‘misunderstanding’ they had with another former member of The United was really a ‘misunderstanding’ or just some revenge for being treated like a piece of dirt.  I can say that with our relations with The United over the past few months, we do know what that feels like all too well

So what do I do now?  I did take down their killboard, if they want their data as they have thousands of kills missing from their new killboard, they will have to compensate me this time, I am not going to help people that are that rude.

But what to do with the domain?  I still own http://www.thebl3h.com.  I was not sure what to do, so I held a contest with my corpmates to decide and ultimately I went with a suggestion from our CEO Larkonis Trassler.  He wanted to say something formal with a bit of our famous humor but not insulting.  We do hold ourseles to a moral code and a level of character that The United leadership simply can never hold a candle to.

So, without further ado, please do visit the internet domain for The United and the Negative Ten Alliance at http://www.thebl3h.com and enjoy the pure Larkonis content.

It’s a good read.  However, Liiza Valora did not think so.  In fact, he took it upon himself to use Whois to identify my information from the domain, call me and leave me a nice message.  He even had one of his fellow corp mates call me.  I will warn you, the message is not safe for work and contains harsh language.


UPDATE 2-11-09, all four of the messages that were left since many of you are asking for them:  phone-messages-complete

Ladies and gentleman, EVE Online is just a game, but these messages just prove to me that some people just take things too seriously.  It’s just so, so very sad.


~ by J. Riley Castine on February 6, 2009.

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