Yup, it’s happened.  I have jumped onto the hover cycle, run down the hill at full speed and slammed into the ‘writer’s block’.

It happens.  You have the intention of writing a wonderful blog post and suddenly, you find that you can’t write because of many different distractions.  “Ga’len, get in a fleet BS, we have a blob coming.” or the sudden realization that it’s only 6 hours until dawn and you have to work in the morning.

It happens to us all.  You have all these things you want to write about and then you forget to write those notes down, then you are reminded of what you wanted to write about when you read about it in another blog.

You get stuck.  You start to encounter all that wonderful discussion on other people’s blogs and you find that you are posting less and less.  All the things you want to talk about have already been said and from the many EVE blogs that are out there, most perspectives are already covered.

So, what do you do?

Well, you write about your problems with writing.  Sometimes it leads to a great post, a story or some tidbit that gets you out of the rut.  Other times, you are stimply stuck.

I don’t want to write about another PvP engagement as many of those stories are all very similar.  “I engaged a target……many fun volleys… goes pop.”   It gets old.

Ah, I know, I have something.  Whew!!!!  Post coming up soon….


~ by J. Riley Castine on January 13, 2009.

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