EVE Player Blogs OPML Download updated

It’s time for a fee updates to the OPML download

Sites Added:

Welcome aboard!!!!  We all look forward to reading your blogs!!!!

Do remember, the EVE Online Blogroll Lovefest that CrazyKinux maintains (http://www.crazykinux.com/2008/04/eve-online-blogroll-lovefest.html) is a listing of blogs that are active.  The OPML download has some of the defunct blogs as they are still worth reading if you never had the chance to read them, like the EVE Online 0.0 Experiment (http://00experiment.blogspot.com) and a few others.

To get your blog listed on CK’s Blogroll Lovefest, simply post a comment on the post with your blog’s information.  I check his listing from time to time to add blogs to the OPML download.  I also add people when I learn about a new blog.  If your blog is not listed on the OPML download and you would like it listed, just drop me a line or comment on the OPML Download Page and I will get you added.


~ by J. Riley Castine on December 1, 2008.

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