Time has a code??!!??!?!?!

Yup, with the Quantum Rise, CCP introduced a 30 day time code, called the Pilot’s License Extension or PLEX for short.  What this allows you to do is take a 60 day time code and create 2 30 day time codes that you can sell on the market.  These ETC’s when created can not leave a station, so if you want to sell them on the Jita market, you will need to travel to Jita before you convert the 60 day ETC to the 30 day PLEX items.

Now, as for selling them, you sell them just like any other item on the EVE market.  You can sell them in contacts or sell them as you would ammo.  You can also trade them to other players if they are docked in the same station with you.  Kind of cool as these could be used as prizes for some of the lotteries out there or a major thank you for a corp member who really performed well in a battle or did something extra special for your corp.

I’ve dabbled in the ETC market before, mainly on the buying with isk.  I thought I would give it a go and convert a 60 day ETC.  I went to my account screens on the EVE website and tried out a few of the GTC sellers.

I had overtime money on my paycheck and I thought this would be a fun research project.  I can always use the time codes for my account, so, it’s not really money lost.

I picked 4 of the ETC sellers:

  • EVE-Codes
  • Sinclair Software
  • EVE Time Code
  • GameCards

I put in my orders on Saturday with each of these sellers.  Out of all of them, EVE-Codes was the fastest as they sent me my code 24 hours later and it worked as it’s supposed to. The other three, not so much.

I had to engage in a multiple email exchange with all of them before they would offer a refund.  It really did not give me warm fuzzies about dealing with them at all.  I might use EVE-Codes again, but I have a better recommendation to make, do read on.

I chatted with some friends about my experience and they all said that I should try out Shattered Crystal.  Now I’ve never been the ‘jump on the bandwagon’ kind of person, but I trust my friends so I gave it a go.

I headed over to Shattered Crystal and bought a time code.  Well, I thought I bought a time code.  Seems that they have some trouble with my phone number on my paypal account.  They thought the number that was on my order was for Fort Benning, Georgia.  They canceled my order because they could not verify that the phone number on the order was my phone number and refunded my money.

So, a tad annoying?  Yes, but it gives me warm fuzzies and it should give you warm fuzzies too.  Continue to read on as I will tell you why.

In this day and age, identify theft is a big issue.  Having safeguards in place to protect your customers and your business from online fraud is a must.  Of all the ETC sellers I tried out, only Shattered Crystal actually verified who I was before issuing the ETC.  Out of all the ETC sellers, they were the only ones that offered a refund because of a problem with the order.  I didn’t have to ask them for anything as they did it all from the start.  They were the only ones that really seemed to be professional and willing to do business in a honest manner.

After a very friendly conversation with one of their phone reps concerning my canceled order, I put my order in again.  I received the phone call to verify my order, was asked a few questions to confirm that I was who I said I was and sent me my time code all in less time than it took to write this post.

I logged my trader alt into the game, pressed the esc key for the game menu, clicked on the convert ETC button and entered my code from Shattered Crystal.   BINGO, I now have 2 ETC PLEX items in my hanger in Jita.

So, yes, I am going to shamelessly plug Shattered Crystal.  They handled my order with the best service, best response and most of all, the best security for the transaction I have found so far.

That being said, if you are looking to engage in some ETC sales to raise some isk for your character, head over to Shattered Crystal (http://www.shatteredcrystal.com) for all your ETC needs.


~ by J. Riley Castine on November 18, 2008.

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