WHAT?!?!? EVE HAS SOUND?!?!?!?

In the age of voice communications in EVE with Teamspeak, Ventrilo or EVE Voice, people are spending less and less time with the in game sounds turned on.

So, it begs the question.  What do you listen to when you are playing the game?

Do you have the sound turned off so that you don’t miss a single order while in a gang or fleet operation?  Do you listen to the EVE soundtrack in the game client while you are gate camping, on a long travel in that hauler to Jita?  Do you leave the TV on in the background or do you opt for the complete silence of the void of space.

Are you a bit on the strange side and have an aeration pump for a fish tank bubbling next to you to recreate the sounds of being in a pod?

What do you listen to?


~ by J. Riley Castine on November 3, 2008.

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