Complex reactions just became more complex, reactor operators go cross eyed

Yup, it’s yet another dev blog.  Way to go CCP, keep ’em coming!!!

In a nutshell, CCP is trying to balance moon resources.  Instead of having to spend massive amounts of isk to get that much coveted refined resource from a dysprosium moon, you can take other resources and refine them into what you need.

So how will this work? We’ve created six new reactions which allow you to create key intermediate materials without relying on the rarest moon minerals. This isn’t, of course, an efficient process! Each rare mineral has been assigned a more common counterpart, which can be used in the place of the rare mineral in these new reactions at a ratio of 20:1, which roughly approximates the difference in moon count between the rare mineral and the common mineral in each case.

Read the entire article as there is a lot of information in here.


~ by J. Riley Castine on October 28, 2008.

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