How do you do blog?

Blogging tools.  There are a number of them out there.  I have received a few requests from people wanting to know what I use to write this blog.  For the most part, I use the editor built into WordPress.  It works well, auto saves drafts and obviously, makes publishing entries a breeze.

However, when I am working on something, like an episode of The Bleeding Rose, I use another wonderful tool.  It’s called Dark Room (  It’s a clone of the Whiteroom ( application for the Mac.  It allows you to block out your entire screen so that the only thing you are looking at is the text you are working on.  It’s a great tool and I do use it when I encounter the writer’s block from time to time.

Another tool that I will use every now and again is the blogging feature in digg.  If you don’t already have a digg account, head over to and set one up.  It’s useful in keeping up to date on what’s hot on the web as well as giving peeps to your favorite blog.  When you submit a digg or digg an item, you can blog your dugg item right there.

There are a number of blogging tools out there that make blogging fun and productive.  What tools do you use?


~ by J. Riley Castine on October 18, 2008.

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