Awesome fight tonight

We are all docked up this evening, doing some admin, putting in orders to our logistics alts to get ships and modules when over our voice comms, our comrades in arms ask for help.  They have a Molotov gang engaging them and they are looking for backup.

We undock and make best speed to Rancer.  I am the first Neo Spartan to jump through the gate and I am greeted with the ever fun flashy red wall of pain.  We are firing on primaries, secondaries, new primaries, etc.  I do take heavy damage and then pop, there goes my Apoc of pirate love in a pretty blue flash.

With the light traffic over the past few weeks of light combat, it was nice to get into a big battle again, battle report here:

Got to give props to Molotov, they always make things interesting, thanx for the fun fight guys!!


~ by J. Riley Castine on October 16, 2008.

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