Lag ruins a good fight for all

It’s Sunday, that means that Lag is an issue.  I know that CCP has been doing a lot of work to make the lag monster happy and leave us all alone, but it appears that they still have a long way to go.

The battle summary, Neo Spartans lost 3 ships, Duty lost 1 and that was befoe the main fight.  They came into Otou looking for a fight (looking for fun to be fair).  It’s been quite a while since there were enough of my corpies on to mount a proper gate camp, roam or a gang for a fight, but finally, some of them were on.  I came on tonight to learn that we lost a Phobos to the Duty gang.  So, I took a look at who was in system, mounted up in a ship and we undocked.  We took out their Harbinger and then their backup showed up.  Down goes my Apoc and shortly after, we loose the Domi.

So, we do the same, we call in our backup.  They call in more backup and before you know it, it’s a 15 on 15 fight with more coming.  We all engage outside the station and then…………..nothing.  Modules won’t activate, attempts to activate the modules are underway.  Local chatter at first has a few comments about the lag, then, we all disengage.

No one could really do anything.  Modules simply would not activate at all, screens would update like a slideshow, but local chat was working fine.

Both sides exchange the usual gf’s and we all openly admitted that the fight would have been more fun and longer if it were not for the lag.

It was nice to finally have some of the action we had from the past summer, but the lag completely made it unplayable.

Duty, I tip my hate to you for a fun fight.   I look forward to meeting up with you again.


~ by J. Riley Castine on October 13, 2008.

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