Oh, what a night…


Well, it’s finally happened.  There is an open war in the pocket.  A number of us formed up in a fleet and engaged a group of lame pirates known as The Final Stand.

An intense battle ensued and there were losses on both sides, but ultimately we won, 16 kills, 17 losses, however, they lost more in isk value in modules and in ship values.  Some would say it is a draw, byt 880 mil isk lost to 580 mil on our side, makes it a close engagement, but a win for us.

Now, you may ask, why do I call them lame?  Well, how many pirate corps do you know LOCK their killboard on the night they take a beating from every kid on the block?  Not many, but apparently their’s is locked, take a look, http://eve.thefinalstand.com/?a=home.

So, you can’t see what they have done, both good nor bad.  No worries, you can learn all about the battle and the fights to come here.  It was great fun!!!



The thread about this blog post is getting interesting, check it out.  Don’t worry about the userid and password request from eve.thefinalstand.com that may pop up if you have images enabled on your EVE forums account, that comes up because TFS have locked up their killboard and their signatures cause that error.



~ by J. Riley Castine on September 13, 2008.

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