To play or not to play…

That is the question so to say.  No, I am not contemplating quitting EVE nor am I taking a break, this is more of a rant.

What am I frustrated about?  In a word, lag.  When it takes over 3 minutes to activate an armor repair module while the sentry guns have no problem hitting you, there is something wrong.

In the past, I have petitioned the issue as obvious bug would be obvious.  The response is always the same, “log show nothing” and/or “your internet connection is having issues.”

I have a high end Dell XPS gaming system, 8 mBit internet connection and perfect ping and trace routes to and from the servers, please explain to me how the lag is related to my computer and/or my internet connection.

I just don’t see it.  My network diagnostics give me the same results both when there is massive lag and when there is no lag at all.

It’s not the network, it’s not my computer.  It’s the EVE server cluster, it just simply can not handle the massive number of active connections.  It IS a classic case of lag, causes by insufficient hardware resouces not being scaled to address the work load.

The Need for Speed project is obviously fail, it’s not done anything to address these issues.

Now, what is the real rub here?  It’s afecting 1 on 1 fights in systems with less than 10 people in the whole constellation.  I’m not ranting about fleet battle lag, I am ranting about 1 on 1 lag.

Now, tell me how THAT happens?


~ by J. Riley Castine on August 24, 2008.

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