Greetings from someplace other than home…

Hello everyone!! I am sorry that I have been absent for the past week, been on vacation with the missus. It’s our anniversary and to be honest, I’ve not had the time nor the desire to play EVE. Yup, I said it, I didn’t want to play EVE.

For those of you who are married or are involved in a relationship, you know what I am talking about. EVE, as much fun as it is, is just a game. Real life has it’s rewards too. So, as we finish up our vacation, I wanted to post something to let everyone know what was up.

Below, is a screen shot I took some weeks ago and never got around to posting. Since I have some time this morning, I thought I would share this piece of can art.

New Jita


~ by J. Riley Castine on May 31, 2008.

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