…and I don’t mean World of Warcraft.

I’ve received a lot of feedback in game on my first video.  I want to thank everyone for watching, I had fun making it.  I do want to apologize again for the video quality, that has been resolved as I have gone out and bought a copy of FRAPS and I am now using Adobe Premier to edit captured video.

Yes, I am working on another video, mainly because it’s a load of fun, uh, “capturing content” .  Yeah, lots of PvP in my Ishkur.  I have most of the video sequenced up, just need to work on the soundtrack.

That being said, I am opening up a contest for a sound bite.  Our corp mascot is a cat you see after the credits on my first video.  The caption for the picture is “myarrr”.  If you have a sound bite of a cat’s meow, that closely sounds like “myarrr”, please put a copy up on eve-files and post the link to comments on this post.  The prize for the best sound bite submited is 25 million isk.  Entries will be accepted until April 11th.

I have seen a lot of discussion on the forums concerning the Council of Stellar Management.  I’m not going to go into it here as the topic has been covered, in gloriously expansive detail, on the EVE forums.

As for my thoughts on this, I am still thinking and no, it doesn’t hurt.  😛

When you get a chance, head over to Virgin Worlds podcast collective and listen the The Drone Bay and Warp Drive Active.  This week’s The Drone Bay is truly funny, they have out done themselves.  Warp Drive active has a great lead in, had me laughing all the way to work this morning.


~ by J. Riley Castine on April 2, 2008.

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