Wandering about and I find…

Last night, I wanted nothing more than to simply wander around. No fighting, maybe pop NPC rats, but mostly just to fly around New Eden and see the sights. Of course, in this dangerous place, I took my AF. No sense in going about and getting killed. So, we have me and my ship, going around, popping NPC rats, much to the delight of some new miners in the game when I come upon this guy. Yeah, you know where this is going. Another battle. I come into the belt and see this guy in a Cyclone, mining and popping some of the NPC rats that are attacking him. I lock the two rats, one is into armor, the other has yet to be touched. I close in on and open fire on the rat that has not been touched. As it explodes, this guy target locks me. “That was my rat, leave my stuff alone!!!!!” Whatever, I head along running the other belts in the system. On my second pass, I come upon this guy again. “STAY AWAY!!!” I ignore him and lock onto the rats again. I pop the one he’s not shooting at and pop it again. “LEAVE MY RATS ALONE!!!” Well, that irritates me a bit. Here I am, actually not looking for a fight. Popping NPC rats, not popping the one’s he shooting at, minding my own business. I decide to ignore him. Well, he target locks me again. Let’s give him a reason to lock me. I move towards one of his wrecks and yes, I loot it. BAM!!!! I am webbed, his drones are out and I am taking fire. I return the favor, releasing my drones, web and warp scram. I am 4 km from him, my guns are not really hitting that much, but he is slowed, it’s only a matter of time. For a good 5 minutes, we go around and around. My shields are gone, my armor is gone and I am into structure. His shields and armor are also gone and he is going into structure. I am at 50 percent, he’s at 40 percent. It’s going to be close. Then, fate hands me a good one. Wrecking shot. BOOM, his ship disappears in that lovely flash we have all come to know and love. I begin to loot the wreck and I see that I don’t have enough space, so I go dock to drop off what I have.

    • ?[ 2008.02.08 02:31:17 ] Ga’len > good fight
    • ?[ 2008.02.08 02:31:34 ] Ga’len > /emote tips his hat to KILLER KARL

It was a good fight, a tough one. It was fun. So, I head back to collect the rest of the loot and what do I see? He’s back, in a Bellicose. I think, nah, he’s not gonna want to fight some more. It’s a smaller, weaker ship. Well, I guess wrong. As soon as I start to move, he locks me and fires. Round two, it’s over quick. That’s two ships lost for him tonight. I collect the loot and find that yet again, I don’t have enough cargo space. So, back to the station and back out to the wrecks. He’s there again, this time in a starter ship, a Reaper. He immediately locks me and opens fire. It’s a starter ship, FFS, just let it go man. He continues to fire, so, POP he goes a third time.

    • [ 2008.02.08 02:45:37 ] KILLER KARL > i got a problem here in HEK VIII – asteroid belt 2. GA’LEN is camping my wreck and he won’t let me loot it. i would appreciate it if someone would solve my problem

My heart is touched a bit. He’s lost a lot tonight. So, I load up the last of the loot and dock.

    • ?[ 2008.02.08 02:46:27 ] Ga’len > Killer Karl, You are all clear, I will not attack you again
    • ?[ 2008.02.08 02:46:31 ] Ga’len > All of local is a witness
    • ?[ 2008.02.08 02:48:33 ] Notica > there you go
    • ?[ 2008.02.08 02:48:37 ] KILLER KARL > ty

There,I’ll be nice. I even offer to stay docked until the aggro timers run out.

    • ? ?[ 2008.02.08 02:50:42 ] KILLER KARL > your a liar. i guess i’m fucked out of my l;oot
    • ?[ 2008.02.08 02:51:29 ] Ga’len > I said you were all clear, that I would not attack again
    • ?[ 2008.02.08 02:51:42 ] Ga’len > you are free from being attacked by me, that’s what all clear means
    • ?[ 2008.02.08 02:53:49 ] KILLER KARL > you fucking prick. you looted my wrecks. you goddam no good fucking prick
    • ?[ 2008.02.08 02:54:25 ] Notica > so so it just a game dude
    • ?[ 2008.02.08 02:55:32 ] KILLER KARL > you just couldn’t leave me the fuck alone . you fucking asshole. no good goddam chicken shit prick.

I thought that was clear. “All clear, I won’t attack again”. Where did I say I would not take the loot? Name of the game here, you loose your ship, the winner most likely will loot the wreck. I can see he is passionate about his lost modules. After all, he’s lost three ships, just wrecks in space.

Killer Karl's Wrecks

    • ?[ 2008.02.08 02:55:41 ] Ga’len > Killer Karl, Your Assets Relocated and Redistributed would like to thank you for your customs this evening
    • ?[ 2008.02.08 02:55:54 ] Captain Budwieser > galen what have you been doing ?
    • ?[ 2008.02.08 02:56:11 ] Ga’len > He opened fire on me
    • ?[ 2008.02.08 02:56:26 ] Ga’len > Openign fire on a member of YA-RR is a sign that you wish to be a custoemr of ours
    • ?[ 2008.02.08 02:56:45 ] Ga’len > I was more than happy to provide our exceptional Ship De-Construction services
    • ?[ 2008.02.08 02:56:56 ] Captain Budwieser > that was a good crow of obcenitys you reaped there tbh
    • ?[ 2008.02.08 02:56:59 ] Captain Budwieser > crop πŸ™‚

Awesome idea!!! A potential new service? “Foul Language Collections”. Hmm, that has some potential. Local chat continues…

    • ?[ 2008.02.08 03:00:31 ] Ga’len > We at YA-RR understand that people can be passionate about our services and we strive to take those comments in stride
    • ?[ 2008.02.08 03:00:40 ] Captain Budwieser > haha
    • ?[ 2008.02.08 03:00:45 ] Captain Budwieser > well ill be on my way
    • ?[ 2008.02.08 03:00:47 ] Captain Budwieser > cya πŸ™‚
    • ?[ 2008.02.08 03:01:09 ] Ga’len > later
    • ?[ 2008.02.08 03:01:11 ] Panthairius > as a newbiw I’d like to mention something here
    • ?[ 2008.02.08 03:01:33 ] Visceroth > oooh a rahl
    • ?[ 2008.02.08 03:01:34 ] Captain Budwieser > fk me took a wrong turn πŸ™‚
    • ?[ 2008.02.08 03:01:37 ] Panthairius > This same guy that is so pissed has looted newbie wrecks and found it funny
    • ?[ 2008.02.08 03:01:39 ] Visceroth > do you read SoT?
    • ?[ 2008.02.08 03:01:41 ] Panthairius > mine included
    • ?[ 2008.02.08 03:01:53 ] Panthairius > wonder why I am smiling ; )
    • ?[ 2008.02.08 03:02:37 ] Panthairius > so your corp offers other services as well….. the ole “what goes around comes around” service
    • ?[ 2008.02.08 03:03:05 ] Ga’len > Awesome, another great idea
    • ?[ 2008.02.08 03:03:27 ] Panthairius > Tipping my beer towards Ga in a toast
    • ?[ 2008.02.08 03:03:32 ] Ga’len > yes, we do offer that service on a case by case basis, but you are right, we should offer that all the time
    • ?[ 2008.02.08 03:03:56 ] Panthairius > Made this newbs day
    • ?[ 2008.02.08 03:04:10 ] Ga’len > Anything I can do to help
    • ?[ 2008.02.08 03:04:15 ] Panthairius > heh

So, “Karma Delivery”, another potential new service. Not bad. This guys had been loot theiving and get got his just desserts from the same thing. Yeah, I do feel some remorse for the kills, but I have to remember. He locked me and fired first each time, he showed that he wanted to fight and he lost big. Sometimes you are the bird and other times you are the statue I guess. Anyway, back to the wandering….


~ by J. Riley Castine on February 9, 2008.

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