A break from DragonCon

Well, a full day at the con, saw a lot of costumes, went to a few panel discussions.

Came home and decided to log on. As I had feared, our latest war target has been offline the entire weekend. Nutz, no war target kills. So, I decided to head to their HQ system in the hopes of finding a few more of the corp members that we do not know about.

As I jump into Anjedin, I see a familiar face, Lord Deus. You may remember him from his smack talking days. He’s not learned from his last experience. I am simply warping through the system and he just can’t resist. What do I do? I find him and his new corp mining ice. I mwd in and swap the jet can. He’s there with a few fellow corp mates in mining barges. I warn his corp mates that Lord Deus is a smack talking loot theif and I have destroyed a corp of his in the past. What do they do? They engage. It does not go well for them. First the Incursus and then one of the barges. Just as he did in the past, he fled the scene.

I fly around a bit, looking for him as he convo’s me. He’s talking smack and then suddenly, I see him warp near me at 15 km in a Harbinger. Being in my Ishkur and slightly distracted by the chat, I don’t get the range closed in time and he flees off. I do take some damage and I decide that bigger guns would work better. I have taken Harbinger’s before with my Ishkur before, but I want to make sure that this noob gets what he deserves, another lost ship. I actually get my curse. Now before you ask, “What about the NOS nerf”, question, remember that this ship can do well with neuts. It’s not the battleship destroyer it was before, but hitting a laser boat with neuts works well.

As I am hunting him, I send him an email offering peace between us, but he has to pay the surrender fee that he refused to pay before. His response, he warps into me at the Anjedin gate in Pimebeka and opens fires. Before I can get into range to lock him down, he runs. I chase him around and I finally come across him at the Tendhyes gate in Anjedin. I engage and lock him down. My neuts are hitting him as are my drones and for my efforts, I am rewarded with a very sweet pop.

So, what did his smack talk net him? Well, two corp members lost their ships, I made 12 mil from that loot. He lost another battle cruiser and still has to deal with me putting him in his place for his smack talk, yet again.

When will this noob learn?


~ by J. Riley Castine on September 2, 2007.

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