Kainde Ahmeda, well, it goes on

So, after hearing about my “encounter” with Kainde and a few of his corp mates, in my last entry, my new corp’s ceo declared war on their corp. It’s only been a few days, but it’s been fun. We have had a few good fights. They like to follow the “carebear playbook“rules 1, 2 and the rule 5 option.

Has this worked for them? Well, here are their losses to date. I especially like this one,  are they helping us here?

Kainde finally made a showing, in a frigate and promptly lost his ship. He sat permadocked all night last night. He talks tough and then makes such a pitiful showing today. From what I can tell from the killboard, he and two of his corp mates may have tried to blob one of my corp mates. I have not had the chance to talk in game with my corp mate, so I am not sure, but the timing of Kainde, Meklarr and Grishak’s ships being popped kind of leads to that conclusion. Yeah, he’s tough, he comes out in a weak ship and brings friends. I guess he just can’t help himself, he has to follow rule 2 from the “carebear playbook“.

Anyway, I am looking forward to some more engagements with these guys. We have only seen a few of them, where are the rest of their corp mates?

More importantly, where is the ceo? Permadocked of course. He sits in his station while his corp mates continue to loose ships. Yeah, he’s a good ceo, he won’t come to the aid of his corp members.

I am really happy that I am not in his corp.


~ by J. Riley Castine on August 2, 2007.

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