So, I am traveling north, wandering around, looking for new sights, looking for targets. As I move from system to system, I find that more and more people are less likely to engage in a fight.

So, I am trying to get this guy in a cruiser to fight me when along comes a fellow in an Enyo. He drops a jet can near me.

What the heck, he’s commenting on the noob who will not fight, he wants some entertainment like me. So I accept his challenge.

We charge and he’s hitting me hard. T2 guns on that Enyo with T2 ammo. My drones are hitting him good, but he’s got a mwd fitted and gets out of range of my nos. I think, wow, I am having some fun here and my Ishkur may pop. He gets 75 km from me and comes about for a second round. By this time, my armor is back up, guns reloaded. I have 4 drones left, he’s popped 4 already. We engage and as he passes into structure, he’s trying to extend and warp out. Just as he passed out of my warp scram range, his ship explodes.

Man, it was a tough fight. I had structural damage, ship listing to one side, some flames coming out of my hull. But I lived. I got lucky, my drones got the shots in when they needed to count.

So ended my engagement with Shadowglyph, a very worthy opponent.


~ by J. Riley Castine on July 21, 2007.

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