Rakia Dwellers are drinking, floating down the river denial

So, how goes the war? A few more kills and taunts from the CEO. Fireborn continues to sit, docked in his station in Youl while his corp mates have fled to various systems. Unfortunately for some of them, I know how to use locator agents.

Carls Berg found out that Siyi is not that far from my reach, He lost both his Catalyst and his pod.

Rabbit Serbia was surprised by my appearance in Suroken. He locked me and fired, I returned the favor again and pop went his Kestrel. He logged as the fight started so his pod would auto warp away.

Sesshomaru Sama fled to Nereut and remains docked at the VIII Moon 2 station. He was supposed to “Sama will get you down if you come to him or any of our corpmates closer than 20km or near our HQ”. He as not been around at all, so much for that threat.

Alas, Fireborn still remains docked in his station in Youl while his corp mates are picked off one by one. Most of them have taken to not log on at all, except for a few minutes at a time. Probably changing skills and hopeful that the war is over.

I tell you, when I log on, I am begining to enjoy the emails Fireborn send me, like this one, which he must have sent everyone in his corp.

It is clear that he is laying all the time and that his ego is bigger than this station. We can not accept his terms becuse we dont have 50mil, and I think we all agree that we wont give him chanse to earn on easy way 100 or 50mil again llike he did it in his last few wars when he was attacking small corps. We can all lose our ships, but we will not lose our ISK and SP, so be cool, he is just loosing his timewith us.


So, loosing ships, pods, implants and modules does not mean that they loose isk? Why is it that so many CEO’s can’t do math. If you loose a ship, you have to replace it. The insurance payout may cover the lost ship, but you have to replace your modules. You have to pay insurance again as well. When you loose a pod, you have to pay for the clone again. All of these are losses.

I continue to make money from looted modules, another 6 million isk. That with what I have already looted from them which is more than enough to keep the war going.

So, 29.8 million isk in destroyed ships and modules, at least another 2 million in clone costs, another 14 million isk in replacement modules for the new ships as well as, let’s just say 5 million in implants comes to a grand total loss for his corp of 50.8 million isk.

Yet, they don’t have 50 million isk for the surrender fee.

When confronted with these truths, Fireborn still fails to be a good CEO and protect his corp. He outright refuses to surrender, even with the simple truth that from this point forward, it was cheaper to surrender.

but we will not lose our ISK and SP, so be cool, he is just loosing his timewith us.


News flash, your corp mates have lost both. But still, Fireborn remains docked, safe in his station, in Youl while I go about doing missions, training skills, making more and more isk.

Makes you wonder why they stay in this corp, doesn’t it?


~ by J. Riley Castine on July 13, 2007.

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