So, I hear you do contract work, eh?

Yes, I do contract work. Am I a merc? What is a merc? A merc is a mercenary, a person who will wage war or engage in acts of aggression for a profit. In other words, PvP and get paid for it.

So, yes, I am a merc from time to time. As it would be, when this person contacted me and asked that I destroy 2 cruisers for a nice chunk of isk, I was more than willing to oblige. Thus began the contract on a new corp, only a few days old. Rakia Dwellers was the target and I began with the usual, gather intel on who they are, what ships they fly, etc. Fortunately, most of this was provided by my employer. I guess they really ticked them off and really wanted to put some hurt on them. I began this contract like all others, I began to wait for them to come online. Cool name for a corp though. Is Rakia a place? Well, it could be a happy place you go to, Rakia is a drink.

Hmm….I wonder if they drink it. I would learn that their fighting skills would beg otherwise.

I spend a good portion of the morning online, flying around different systems. Got in a small engagement with some macro miners in Amarr. I was swapping out jet cans on macro miners and their enforcer shows up in, to my surprise, an Ishkur. Sweet, a same ship duel. Well, I thought it would be a same ship duel. He had 2 gun in stead of my 3, same drones, he had 2 instead of my 5. Oh well, it was fast, but it was cool.

As I am cleaning up the wreck, online comes some members of my target. Great, time to follow up on the location tip I have and see what I can find.

I head into Tash Murkon Prime and head right for the belts, hopeful that they are mining. As luck would have it, they have 2 barges and a Caracal in the first belt. I swap the jet cans and the Caracal locks and fires. As he does, 1 barge warps out and another Caracal warps in. I warp out and get bigger guns, 2 cruisers on my assault ship may not work to my favor as well as that barge pilot coming back in something more suited for battle.

As I warp back to the belt with my Pilgrim, the scanner shows that 3 cruisers are waiting for me. That means it’s time for some fun.

I land in the belt and 3 cruisers lock me and start firing. I let loose my drones, hit the nos and warp scramblers on the two Caracals. One and then the other go pop. As I move towards the mining barge that has now targeted me, the Celestis explodes. As the barge warps out, back come the two Caracal pilots in the famous, “Ibis of Doom” noobship. I decide to leave them alone, until they start to loot the wrecks. Nope, that’s my stuff I earned in battle, so I let both of them have it.

I collect my loot and return to a station. Yeah, it was a quick fight and they used some logical thinking in their tactics. Blob the target. Unfortunately for them, they did not plan to make the fight last. If one of them had fitted some remote repers of some sort, it would have been harder to complete the contract. As it was, I had 3 cruiser kills instead of the required 2. I contact my employer, send him the kill mails and receive the rest of my payment. They were pleased on the quick turn around on the contract, I may have some more work from them in the future.
I also receive a convo from the CEO of Rakia Dwellers. He’s asking why I am attacking them. I inform he that I had a contract to take out 2 cruisers and that I had finished my work. Needless to say, he was not happy but he was civil. Now, on to more exploring.


~ by J. Riley Castine on July 7, 2007.

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