What to do about the guy in the Coercer…

…So, why not a war dec? Well, try to get in touch with the CEO of their corp and try to address the issue that way. Nope, convo’s rejected and emails go unanswered. Oh well, time for those guys in Alien Corp to learn what it means to ignore things when you have a problem player in your midst.I war dec these guys and the smack talk starts. I will not quote out the large amount of smack talk that was emailed to me, even after I set the email charge to 1 million isk per message. They refused the 50 million isk surrender fee and lost both ships and pods. The loot they had, well, the 250 million in implants that Lady Imari had in her cargo hold while she was mining afk was a really nice present. Thank you so much for the wedding present, I’ve not had implants since my TRAPS days. I don’t want to loose implants if I get podded, like she was that evening. So, I told them and made some bank.

So, what has happened? Alien Corp is no more. I think that answers the question about what do to about that guy in the Coercer.


~ by J. Riley Castine on July 2, 2007.

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