Loot theft and a possible war?

I am grabbing a few minutes of my favorite addiction before heading into work, NPC ratting it is. I am flying around the belts and here comes someone in a Coercer, charging towards my wrecks. I try to talk to them in local, but they manage to loot the wreck and warp out of the system before I have a chance to do anything. Convo invites are rejected and no response from emails.

So, as I am trying to contact this person to get them to apologize for their acts of cowardly theft, I see another person come in and hit another one of my wrecks. Wow, people must love to steal from me.

I follow this fella around, trying to lock him down and the aggro timer expires. Nutz, I have to head to work soon. So, I head back to one of the belts that had his wrecks in it and loot from it. Yeah, I steal from wrecks too, but I at least stick around for the fight.

I scan him down and warp into te belt. He’s there, I hit the afterburner and charge at him. He locks me and fires. Sweet, a fight between two assault ships. This should be good.

For the next 10 minutes, we orbit each other, he in his Jaguar, me in my Ishkur. Around and around, firing on each other, nosing each other. My drones firing away. We both go into armor, we both go into structure. The only thing that is helping me is my damage control and my armor rep. We are both at 10 percent structure and they, BOOM, he’s in his pod.

I have to say, skydvejam put up one hell of a fight. I personally think is was the luck of the wrecking shot that won that battle. I have to tip my hat to him, it’s why I play EVE, for the great fights. We exchange good fights and some friendly chat in local and then we both log.

So, what to do about that guy in the Coercer?


~ by J. Riley Castine on June 22, 2007.

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