A little piracy, yeah, why not…

…so, I am scoping out targets in the belts and I come upon a mining barge. I read the name and it looks familar, Firncirithion. Why do I know that name? Oh, Omicron Corporation. I remember them, back from my TRAPS days. He’e the CEO that I never was able to nail, he stayed docked most of the time. Nexa finally got him, but he was a loose end for me.

He has a jet can out as his is mining. Nah, he wouldn’t attack me, would he? Let’s find out. I swap the jet can and sure enough, out come the drones. We exchange blows and suddenly, pop goes his Retriever. Loot galore, well, lots of mined ore and a few items, mainly two strip miner I’s. It’s a start. I dock and sell the loot and head back to handle the ore. I should have checked the scanner first, he’s there in his Myrmidon. I think that this is going to hurt and out he warps. I must have warped in as he was warping out. I lock my jet can and pop it, then warp out to get bigger guns.

As I jump back into the system, he’s there are the gate. He locks me and fires. I guess he didn’t see that I am in my Pilgrim of Doom. I close to 30 km and hit my nos. I get into warp scrambling range and scramble him just has he recalls his drones. They never make it back to the drone bay, he goes boom. From the loot and the killmail, I can tell that this was a quick fight because of his fittings, it was just not right for a Myrmidon. Not strong enough. I exchange good fights with him anyway, at least he made a showing.

So, on to roaming the belts, this time, in another system.

A hulk. Wow, I’ve never had someone in a hulk fight back and with the ore cans, all three of them full, this was not something I was going to pass up. He’s been here a while, I could make some money.

So, I close distance and swap one of the cans. As I am waiting for the jetison timer to exprire and jet another can, some NPC rats spawn. Out come his drones and they attack the rats. Then, much to my surprise, they attack me. SWEET, I have a chance to pop this Hulk. I work him down to half armor and in warps a Raven. I do a double take and the Raven locks me. These two are not in the same corp, suicide gank with a Raven? No, can’t be that dumb.

As the cruise missiles crash into my armor, I think, wow, I took that hit and survived, will I survive the second volley? No need, Concord shows up and attacks the Raven. Before I can get a shot off on the Raven and hopefully get the killmail, the Raven pops. A few seconds later, the Hulk goes up too.

So, I miss out on the Raven killmail, but the loot makes up for it. I head to a station and I nervously grab my hauler as my Punisher’s hold is too small to get everything. As I approach the belts, both of these people leave local. Sweet, they are not coming back for their loot.

So, a simple desire to pop a Hulk lands me with some very nice T2 loot, some E50 nos modules and 120 million isk more in my wallet. This was a good day.


~ by J. Riley Castine on June 21, 2007.

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