April Fools day…

…must be the day for foolish people to come out and play. What is it with newer players, who train up to get into a cruiser, start harassing noobs that are less than 2 months old? I tell ya, as a “pirate in training”, my conscience is strongly eased by my sense of honor when deciding who to fight.

So, I end up tracking this guy down and he stays perma-docked. Go figure. One of his corp mates undocks and let’s loose a jet can. It has the stuff he stole. In local, they apologize for the incident and offer up the loot he stole to make peace. Part of me says to not take the loot, it’s a trap, but I don’t listen to my inner voice. I should have, it was a trap. I get blobbed and I end up loosing the fight, but not before inflicting enough damage that 8 of them warp away. Too bad, they didn’t make it on the killmail, however, I was not able to warp away in time, so, pop goes my Thorax. At least they left my drones in space alone, I was able to recover those.

So, feeling down a bit, I return to NPC ratting in the belts What happens, more loot thieves show up. I am a bit miffed and I want to kill some stuff, but they all log before I can get them. So, what happens next, a war dec of course. It’s a corp called IGHN.

So, who was the offender this time? A pilot names Vanquished. It’s a cool name, too bad that his attitude was not as cool. 4 noobs later, including a gang I was running NPC rat coverage while they were mining.

I war dec’ed this corp and I come to find out that one of my buddies, Bryg Philomena, has also war dec’ed this corp. So, we decide to work together. What do we get for our efforts, well, a nice kill.

So, over the next few days, the war rages on and I inflict several losses, 14 all on my own. The last kill I had was in a major fight.

I was in a blob attack from IGHN, 7 on 1, with Ceasar3 in a Prophecy this time. I am in my Curse, tanking damage from all 7 of these guys and I realize that I am holding, but barely. I will be loosing this ship in this fight, but I am not going down alone. Ceasar’s ship finally pops and shortly after, my Curse crushes under the onslaught.

This is why I play EVE Online, for the awesome battles that you can get into. Yeah, I lost a ship. That happens. Always assume that when you undock, you will loose that ship. I have spares for what I lost, but it was a lot of fun.

IGHN agreed to kick Vanquished from their corp as part of the mutual agreement to end the war. I gave Ceasar3 a spare Prophecy I had and he gave me back all the modules that survived from my Curse.

Funny how wars end up making new friends. Respect for a great set of fights. Well, on to the next system…


~ by J. Riley Castine on April 12, 2007.

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