Smack talking loot thieves

So, it seems that in my travels, I have a knack for finding people who love to smack talk and steal loot. Seems to happen a lot apparently.

Anyway, you all know where this leads, another war. This time, Lord Deus Ex corp. Why you may ask. Put simply, Lord Deus himself. He made it a point to follow me around Task-Murkon Prime for 2 days and continued to take my loot, target me, bump my ship around. I gave him plenty of chances to make good on his offenses but to no avail.

So, day one of the war, I go hunting for targets and happen upon one, alone, in a mining barge in a belt. SR 65 is mining happily away in Pimebeka. I scan out which belt and warp in. Damn, I am 50 km from him, he’s gonna warp out of there before I can get in warp scrambling range. I try to close the distance. 40km, 30km, 25km…I lock him, warp scramble and send in the drones, pop. I attmept to lock the pod. I am in my Vexor, it takes a good amount of time to lock the pod and all the while, he just sits there. Too bad for him, crack goes the egg.

Well, that was too easy. There is no way I would be able to do that again, or maybe. I check the scanner and what do I see, Lord Deus. I again, scan out which belt, warp in and close the distance. Locked, warp scrambled and dones released….boom goes his mining barge. So, can I get a pod a second time….hmmm…locking…..locked, warp scrambled….crack.

So, now I have popped two mining barges, two pods and still no reaction in local, email or even a convo request. These people were mining afk during an active war dec? I won’t ask what they were thinking, it’s obvious that they are not thinking at all.

So, this corp that was flying cruisers around stealing loot has no intention of fighting back? I wonder this for a few hours and then finally I get a convo request from Lord Deus. He’s talking smack, about how he’s going to pop me good, how I am a “noob with no skills, no honor for popping a mining barge”. Uhm, that’s the point of a war, attack targets and inflict damage. Sooner or later, things will result in enough losses for a surrender.

So, as I am cruising around, in warps a Harbinger battle cruiser. Whoa, they have something to fight with after all. A Harbinger, an Omen and a frigate from one of the other corp members whose not shown his face against me and my Vexor. I figure that I need something better, so I retreat and get my Pilgrim.

After an hour of cat and mouse chasing around Task-Murkon Prime , I finally lock down the Harbinger outside m1 Kal station. We exchange blows and in warps Lord Deus in his Omen. I press on SR65 and his Harbinger with Lord Deus closing. Just as Lord Deus gets into warp scramble range, disaster befalls SR65. He promptly docks in the station with his pod and I turn about towards Lord Deus. Just as I lock Lord Deus, he fires on me and then heads to dock in the station. I guess he doesn’t know that you can’t dock in a station when you are firing on someone. Too bad for him, it’s over soon after that and he docks to save hid pod too.

The next day, I see that the corp member count has gone from 15 to 2. SR65 and Lord Deus are the only one’s that are left. Wow, I must have really scared these guys. Most of them did undock the night before to see their CEO loose his second ship as well as their “fighter” learn that he was not the “Harbinger of Doom”.

I try to convo Lord Deus and he refuses the convo invite. I email him with a surrender offer, he can end the war for 25 million isk. As I wait for a response, SR65 convos me to let me know he has left the corp and that Lord Deus is disbanding the corp. I do a show info on SR65 and it’s true, he left. I give him props for coming out and fighting the battle the night before.

So, I have broken up a corp? Wow, I had better not let this go to my head. 15 man corp reduced to just the CEO. So, what would top this? Well, I warp to the next system to relax a bit doing a mission or two and what do I see on the scanner? Lord Deus in a belt, yet again.

No, this is too good to be true. Yet again, I warp in and close the distance. Pop, he’s lost his third mining barge. This time, hid pod warps out as he smack talks in local. I don’t bother to respond to smack talk normally and this time, I just simply say “Well, after 3 mining barges and an Omen, I guess smack talk is all you have left, eh”? He logs off.

So, that was an interesting war, I inflicted some damage, survived the retaliation attack as well as destroy those forces and ultimately break up the corp of smack talking, loot theives. With the 65 million in loot from their ships, this war was really nice on the bank for me.


~ by J. Riley Castine on March 31, 2007.

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