Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war

Yup, I did it, I decided to go through with my first war dec. Now, the first question you have to answer is who and why do you war dec when you are a 1 man corporation. Well, this one was simple. I was minding my own business, running missions to generate isk as this works well for me and as I was docking at a station to drop off all my newly collected mission loot, I observe a very angry exchange in local. Seems that this fellow, oMAKo, was stealing loot from new players.

This is an act of piracy and by itself is not such a bad thing. You take loot or ore, swap the can, and hope that the person will either take the loot can back or attack you. Again, this is not a bad thing, however, to do this to people less than a week old just does not sit well with me. So, I decide to intervene after I take care of my mission loot.

I find oMAKo and try to get him to take loot cans from me. Apparently I am too old for him to play this game, he docks and logs off. I decide to take it up a notch and email the CEO of his corp and see if I can get some help for these poor noobs.

The next day, I am ratting in the belts and lo and behold, there is oMAKo and this time, he is flashing red to me. He’s stolen some of my loot. I chase him down and engage, however, he has warp core stabs fitted and escapes.

His CEO refuses the convo invites I send him, emails are not being responded to and this guy keeps messing with noobs as well as little ole me. This is where I decide to war dec his corp.

The war lasts only a few days, but I do some nice damage.

My first kill was worth the 2 million isk fee for a war dec, poor oMAKo, I caught him mining in a belt. Not a great fight, too easy of a kill, but it serves him right. Revenge for my stolen loot and the noobs of Task-Murkon Prime.

His buddy Crusher Joe decides to start talking smack and calls for their corp mates to rally and attack me. I manage to hold them off with my Drake and a nice set of ranged hits. One of the corp mates, nl3jackal, decides to charge me with his Vexor. No luck there. Crusher Joe got lived up to his name not once, but twice. Jackson Pratt comes out of their station, smack talking, locks and fires. I return the favor nicely.

After this disaster for KG, they decide to finally investigate and understand why they are under attack. I enlighten Jackson Pratt as to what the issue at hand is for me. Needless to say, his smack talking stops and oMAKo is put on the spot. We end up in a three way convo and oMAKo is told that he will be kicked from the corp if this happens again. Jackson informs me that the CEO has not been online for weeks and that he would like to discuss surrender to end the war. I tell him that 15 million isk would satisfy me for my loot losses and he agrees.

So, I successfully executed my first war dec in my one man corp. I fought some people, destroyed some ships, didn’t loose anything except ammo and got a surrender fee to boot.

On to more fun!!!


~ by J. Riley Castine on January 27, 2007.

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